Young Family Contracting 1820 to present


Leonard Young Born 1820 - Contractor Mitchell ON.


David Young Born 1844 Fullarton ON.  Given land in Fargo ND By President Author, Sold and moved back to Mitchell ON. Continued as a Contractor


John Young,  Born 1868 Contractor, Hanley Sask.


Les Young installing Transformer on a live tree. Kamloops 1934 
















Hall and Young Kamloops 1941






















Crew, including Les Young, wiring PBY's for Boeing's at the Sea Island Plant 1943


After the war, Les Young and his brother Lt. Mel Young started a Hardware and Electrical Store



Ken Young Young Electric Ltd. 1970   Picture taken 1986.



















 Doug Young Born 1969 - Age 4 Helping Ken











Nate Young Born 2008 Age 4. determining correct polarity for connection of an LED light.




Hoist Patented 1897.  Hemp Rope with friction brake.





























Nail Puller - still manufactured - This one patented 1905





















My first job,1949 - Light Blow Torch, Tin Iron, then when ready, climb the ladder and pass the hot iron to Les for Soldering Joints.  (Ken.  Born 1943)



















Greenlee Chain Drill - Adjust for drilling ceiling joist from floor.











Tools passed down from Leonard to David to John to Les and now Ken.


Angle Brase, EMT Crimpers, EMT Bender


Yankee Screwdrivers, Wooden handled Robertson Screwdrivers, Siding marker. folding rulers, Threading Dyes. Black Powder Brass Horn, Veneer Irons, Compas plane,



Klien Pliers - inside handle CV  2-26  (Feb. 1926)